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How Ya Like Them Melons? by Loki-Dalton How Ya Like Them Melons? :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 5 9
His Knight
"My knight"
My princess speaks to me softly,
His voice brushing against me like a light breeze.
The sound sends chills down my spine,
Yet also lights a fire within me.
I turn to him and kneel,
Just like I always do.
'Yes, my darling princess,
What is it that you ask of your knight?'
He doesn't say a word;
Instead, he places a finger under my chin,
Lifting my head up lightly to look up at him;
To look into his gorgeous eyes.
I find myself lost within them;
Lost within his joy, lost within his pain.
To think of those that have harmed my princess,
It causes the fire within me to burn more brightly.
"My knight"
His voice brings me back to reality,
As I shift from his eyes to his smile.
As always, it shines brightly,
Causing the fire within me to simmer slowly.
I take his hand into mine,
Placing my lips against it softly.
I begin to smile as I taste his skin slightly,
His scent wafting over me.
The silence around us is broken by tiny giggles,
His smile growing wider as my heart beats faster
:iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 5 8
Sometimes Darkness Can Show You The Light by Loki-Dalton Sometimes Darkness Can Show You The Light :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 48 12 Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder by Loki-Dalton Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 13 5 Something Is So Very Wrong by Loki-Dalton Something Is So Very Wrong :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 12 0
Something Bad Is Going To Happen
"Something bad is going to happen."
I look up from my work,
The words burned within my eyes.
I rub them lightly, sighing at the pain,
It feels as if this useless knowledge was painfully branded onto me.
I look around the room,
And watch as everyone continues their work.
The sounds of pens and pencils writing echo around the room,
Bouncing between the white walls, and lightly brushing against me.
As I continued to look around the room,
All seemed well;
But if all was well,
Why was I warned?
I sigh lightly, and continue my work,
My pencil flowing effortlessly across the paper.
It felt as if the pencil was writing for me,
Because I did not entirely grasp the topic at hand.
The words began to form freely,
My thoughts becoming decipherable.
As I began taking control from the pencil,
And writing the words myself...
"Something bad is going to happen."
My pencil stops mid sentence,
Causing a traffic jam within my thoughts.
They crash and collide, the smoke from the devastation begins to rise,
:iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 9 2
As She Stalks Her Prey by Loki-Dalton As She Stalks Her Prey :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 24 8 Empire Under The Waves by Loki-Dalton Empire Under The Waves :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 43 2 Deep Below by Loki-Dalton Deep Below :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 18 5 Burn From Within by Loki-Dalton Burn From Within :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 23 0
Mature content
Why Won't You Die? Why Do You Keep Resisting? :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 5 9
Valendrion Skysong by Loki-Dalton Valendrion Skysong :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 7 0 Vinyosium Blackfall by Loki-Dalton Vinyosium Blackfall :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 5 0 Elexandrius Sunfire by Loki-Dalton Elexandrius Sunfire :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 4 8 The Stars Align, Fear Their Portents by Loki-Dalton The Stars Align, Fear Their Portents :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 7 0 Careful Not To Singe The Buds As You Burn by Loki-Dalton Careful Not To Singe The Buds As You Burn :iconloki-dalton:Loki-Dalton 47 8


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Commission Info

What is a Commission? --> A Commission is simply you paying a price for an artist's work, whether it be with real currency, or DA currency ( :points: )
How much are your Commissions? --> Currently, my Commissions are set for DA currency ( :points: ) only. The current price for my Commissions may fluctuate based on demand and opinions. If demand is high enough, I may start up my PayPal account once again, and start selling my Commissions for real currency. Also, please keep mind that if my prices are too high for you, I am willing to negotiate
Abstract Digital - 30 :points:
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Where do I pay for Commissions? --> When paying for a Commission from me, please use the "Donate" widget on my page, or simply give me the points by using the "Give" option located at the top right of my page

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How do I set up an Art Trade with you? --> Whenever my Art Trades are "open," you can either send me a personal note, or comment simply requesting to start an Art Trade with me. From there, I will contact you to discuss things more in detail. Whenever trading with other artists, I am not asking for much, but I am asking for some amount of effort, so if you are not willing to do more than give me an illegible sketch, or something absurdly brain dead (Like a dot on a blank canvas, a photograph on an un-textured wall, or a poem with a single word), then please do not start an Art Trade wi

Request Info --> Request Info((This journal will be updated as requests open and close))
Request Info

How do I make a request? --> Whenever my requests are "open," you can either send me a personal note, or comment simply requesting a piece from me. When making requests, please stay within the boundaries of my three art forms, which are listed below:
Abstract Digital
This is my main form of art, thus being the pieces I throw the most time and effort into. If you choose for me to create an Abstract Digital piece, you will be given the option to either choose a colour scheme (Can be random, can be based off of a character, etc.), or to choose a song for me to listen to, and allow me to create the piece based off of the colour scheme and thoughts/emotions/feelings the song portrays to me. If neither of those suite you, you also have the option to just let me create whatever I please

All donations are really appreciated

Current Art Status
Please keep in mind that when it comes to the order that I complete my work, I go by Commissions>Art Trades>Requests>Contests/Challenges

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-Feature Challenge --> Writers 100 Theme Challenge1] Beginnings
2] Humor
3] Drama
4] Scary
5] Light
6] Dark
7] Happiness
8] Sadness
9] Balance
10] Anger
11] Murder
12] Medicine
13] Ancient
14] Modern
15] Futuristic
16] Good
17] Evil
18] Naughty
19] Honesty
20] Trickery
21] Creation
22] Destruction
23] War
24] Peace
25] Tribal
26] Asian
27] American
28] Rich
29] Poor
30] Water
31] Fire
32] Earth
33] Air
34] Tropical
35] Arctic
36] Birth
37] Death
38] Nice
39] Cruel
40] Shallow
41] Deep
42] Fashion
43] Vanity
44] Gluttony
45] Sloth
46] Pride
47] Spring
48] Summer
49] Autumn
50] Winter
51] School
52] Forest
53] Farm
54] Religion
55] Angels
56] Demons
57] City
58] Flight
59] Bird
60] Beast
61] Fish
62] Legend
63] Resurrection
64] Power
65] Storm
66] Rain
67] Love
68] Hatred
69] Wisdom
70] Insanity
71] Friendship
72] Enemy
73] Unknown
74] Known
75] Science
76] Magic
77] Technology
78] Mountains
79] Flatlands
80] Temple
81] Pagan
82] Adventure
83] Home
84] Deity
85] Animals
86] Human
87] Clouds
88] Sky
89] Stars
90] Space
91] Afterlife

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As I was diggin through my messages, I saw that the amazing :iconcmoontoon: created an Eeveelution meme that is -FAR- better than the old one that has been floating around DA for who knows how long 

WHICH EEVEELUTION ARE YOU?? (i made a quiz! :D)after taking that HORRIBLE AND INACCURATE eeveelution quiz here: found an eeveelution meme aND ITS AW F U L
i decided to make my own!!
i did my research and as a hardcore eeveelution fan i can guarantee that according to everything we know of the eeveelutions IN CANON
whatever eeveelution you end up with is 100% the one you are actually the most like!!! 
all data is gathered from the game, anime, card game, manga and any other media they have been represented!
:bulletyellow: PLEASE CREDIT ME cmoontoon AS THE CREATOR OF THE QUIZ!!! ((i worked really hard on it ;;w;; ))
:bulletorange: THANK YOU AND HAVE FUN!!!
:bulletpurple: LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS GET!!!!

:bulletblack: i got espeon and sylveon tied!! >u<
<strong wytiwyg="1">

After readin it over, I wanted to make my own journal to help spread it, because that old meme -REALLY- needs to die

Make sure that you leave her credit in at the end of the meme; she worked too hard on this to not be credited


250px-133Eevee by cmoontoon

[/] You can easily adapt to any changes that may come your way 
[X] You have been underestimated bc of your size 
[X] You are the shortest member of your family and/or group of friends (*Sighs* 5'3")
[ ] You are, or have been called, naive/childish 
[ ] You prefer living in the city or suburban neighborhoods over country or rural towns w lots of land but less people
[X] People have told you "you have a lot of potential"
[X] You are more of a tomboy/masculine type of person   
[X] You make friends easily, and enjoy being around people
[ ] You get called "cute" more than any other compliment 
[X] You have been called: different/unstable/irregular/strange
TOTAL: 6 1/2

250px-134Vaporeon by cmoontoon

[X] You are an excellent swimmer
[X] You love mermaids and mermaid aesthetic 
[ ] You are not shy, but you are quite independent and prefer being on your own (or maybe w one or two people you are very close with) 
[X] You enjoy rainy weather more than any other kind
[X] If you could, you would live by the ocean in a heart beat. Preferably without neighbors.  
[ ] You enjoy the quiet. 
[X] You are an excellent friend, and enjoy making friends w people who are very similar AND very different from you
[/] You drink plenty of water and encourage everyone to do the same! (I drink water all the time, but I don't really talk about it to others, lolol)
[ ] You are great at most sports, maybe not the best, but you are definitely very good and athletic 
[/] You prefer cool colors (green, blue, purple) rather than warm colors (red, orange, yellow) 


250px-135Jolteon by cmoontoon

[X] You do not want anyone to touch you without your given consent 
[ ] You are extremely athletic and good at pretty much every sport you try. a very fast runner, swimmer, a high jumper etc pretty much anything physical you excel!! 
[X] You have a habit of keeping things in and then lashing out, rather then letting someone know immediately that they bothered you
[/] You are an extremely sensitive and emotional person who takes many things personally
[ ] If someone does not know you well, they usually assume that you are a rude/salty/mean type of person  
[ ] You do not feel the need to be very nice to people who are not already your friends
[ ] Usually you only make friends when someone else approaches you first (you rarely reach out to someone else first)
[/] It does not take much for you to become stressed or overwhelmed (Depends on how I feel whenever I am put in a stressful situation)
[/] You are very passionate about your interests or beliefs but prefer not to talk about them for fear of being judged for them 
[ ] You are very shy 

TOTAL: 3 1/2
250px-136Flareon by cmoontoon

[ ] People say you look just like your baby/childhood pictures and havent changed a bit in all these years (even if in your opinion youve changed a lot!)
[ ] You are chubby and/or the chubbiest in your family or group of friends
[ ] You love sunshine!! you prefer to go out during a bright, sunny day rather than a dark, moonlit night
[/] You love physical expressions of love: kisses, hugs, hand holding etc
[X] You make friends easily and go out of your way to make sure all of your friends are as happy as you are ^u^
[/] You are not good at sports at all and no one (including yourself) would ever describe you as athletic or even "in shape" (Mainly because of my fucked up knee)
[X] You do not like arguments or any form of confrontation, when it comes down to it you can def defend yourself, but avoidance is your greatest weapon
[X] People consider you to be a comfortable person to be around and most everyone enjoys your company
[ ] You are usually one of the shortest people in a group, but definitely not the shortest one
[ ] You can not swim


250px-196Espeon by cmoontoon

[X] You treasure your friends and treat them like family (some times even closer than family)
[X] You love mythology and cryptozoolgy and enjoy any kind of mystical/magical lore and/or creatures
[ ] You are early to bed, and early to rise, a total morning person
[ ] You are thin and usually the thinnest in your group of friends and/or family
[X] You use your instincts/guts/intuition/emotions/feelings/vibes to make a split decision more often than using logic or a thought out plan
[X] People have told you you are good looking/attractive
[ ] You consider yourself good looking/attractive
[ ] You enjoy checking your horoscope, and also checking the ones of your friends even if they didnt ask you to 
[ ] You do not find sports or strenuous activity fun in the least, you would much prefer to just chill out w your friends, sitting and talking 
[/] You love fortune telling aesthetic; crystal balls, tarot cards, constellations etc (Tarot cards, but that's about it)

TOTAL: 4 1/2

250px-197Umbreon by cmoontoon
[X] You treasure your friends more than anything else; more than yourself, more than your family etc
[X] You a total night owl; much more active at night and sleeping in most days 
[X] You would much prefer to go out on a cool, moonlit night w your friends, rather than a bright, sunny day
[ ] You have been called scary or intimidating 
[X] You scare easily so you actively avoid jumpscare videos and horror movies
[ ] You are quiet in nature, not often starting a conversation but waiting to be spoken to first
[/] When you are angry it is easy for you to remain eloquent; rarely tripping over your words when making an argumentative point (Depends on how angry I am)
[/] You are very intelligent and clever; you are someone who uses logic to solve pretty much every troublesome situation; your friends often rely on your smarts
[X] You enjoy puzzle and word games
[ ] You are fascinated by egyptian mythology


250px-470Leafeon by cmoontoon

[ ] When playing Undertale, you always choose the pacifist route and NEVER the genocide or even neutral (Never played Undertale, actually, though it is on my list of things to play)
[X] You avoid confrontation and drama at all costs, you are a peaceful person and you enjoy surrounding yourself w peaceful people and things 
[X] You much prefer the quiet, country life to that of the loud city
[ ] You adore the sunshine, and try to go out whenever the day is sunny and bright
[X] Someone has complimented your smell/said you smell nice
[X] You are a very peaceful person to be around and most people like to be around you when they feel stressed
[X] You make it a point to be kind to all people, animals and things 
[ ] You can not stand smokers and while you will not say anything to them, you will move as far away from them as possible 
[ ] You love going for quiet walks in nature, preferably by yourself
[ ] A rainy day is a good day to play outside

250px-471Glaceon by cmoontoon
[/] You have excellent control over you emotions; rarely ever acting out in a rash, emotional, or foolish way
[X] You enjoy a challenge and will actively participate in activities that are incredibly difficult in the hope of bettering yourself/making yourself stronger
[ ] You enjoy your own company usually more than the company of others
[ ] You enjoy blending in w the crowd, and not being noticed
[X] Youre fine w extremely harsh weather. When everyone is complaining that it is too cold or too hot, you are usually just fine and comfortable.
[/] You are extremely adaptable to all sorts of situations. 
[/] It takes a lot to make you stressed. You are an extremely mellow/level headed person (Depends on how I'm feeling whenever I am put into a stressful situation)
[ ] If someone has hurt you, you will never forgive them. There is no second chance. You will completely cut them from your life.
[X] You are always open to trying new things, even crazy or dangerous new things (like eating bug delicacies or base jumping)
[/] You are picky with your relationships. it may take you a while to trust someone, but when you do you are a friend for life.


250px-700Sylveon by cmoontoon
[X] You LOVELOVELOVE everyone you are close to and treasure them all very dearly!! friends, family, pets, etc
[ ] You enjoy holding hands w everyone you love
[X] You have been called a wonderful and encouraging friend
[ ] You are called "cute" more than any other compliment
[X] You are often underestimated bc of your looks
[X] You use people's assumptions of you to your advantage
[ ] You have used your looks to get what you want 
[X] Making friends is very easy for you
[X] You LOVE being around people whether they are strangers or friends; you are never shy
[X] You are a very talented actor/actress (if you lie, most people will believe it)

Total: 7

RESULTS: Sylveon

Eeveelution Meme Created By --> :iconcmoontoon: cmoontoon


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